Millhouse Cereals

Millhouse is one of the registered brands of the company INTROFEX Ltd., which today is considered one of the biggest Greek food packaging companies.

The brand is indissociably linked to the performance and development of INTROFEX, as in 1993 the first Millhouse product was presented to the Greek market and slowly, following closely the philosophy of excellent quality and good price ratio, the product range has been enriched and continues to be enriched with innovative recipes, maintaining low and competitive prices, so that every Greek family can enjoy the unique taste and quality of the products. The company's pursuit is to be close to the consumers and learn from in order to create solutions and products that will fully meet their needs both in nutritional and economic terms.

The consequence that has been shown by the company towards the very difficult economic crisis that Greece is experiencing, is reflected in the philosophy regarding Millhouse products. The primary factor taken into consideration before placing any product in the Greek market is the combination of excellent quality with low price.

So, faithfully following this philosophy, the mission is the establishment of Millhouse as the most recognizable Greek cereal brand.

Quality: the first and most important factor for the launch of every new Millhouse product.

The first Millhouse products released in the Greek market were: Corn Flakes, Choco Flakes, Frosters, Chocolate Pops, Fruit & Fiber and Breakfast Bran. The packaging that was created was very pioneering for the time, and the products were widely recognized by consumers. Below our first packaging for Millhouse products.



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