Food Quality and Safety Management Policy


Food Quality and Safety Management Policy


INTROFEX S.A. imports, produces, packages, stores and distributes cereals, cereal – based snacks, cocoa powder, mash powder and powdered chocolate drink under the brand name MILLHOUSE or on behalf of its customers. 

Our mission

We are committed to offering high quality products at the most competitive and affordable prices, understanding the needs of the end consumer and the market in which we operate.

Our Vision

To inspire a better and healthier daily diet for every family.

Aiming to achieve high quality and safety of its products the company has designed, installed and implemented a Food Safety and Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22000, FSSC 22000 and ISO 9001. 

The company sets goals to meet customer requirements regarding food safety and quality, fully in line with national and EU legislative and regulatory provisions, which are applied or issued continuously based on new scientific data.

The Management of INTROFEX SA is committed to:

Ensuring the facilities and equipment are in excellent working condition.

The selection of reliable suppliers for the supply of safe and quality raw materials and packaging materials.

The selection of qualified personnel, in which the company invests through continuous training and assessment. 

The effective compliance of its products and services with the applicable regulations.

Examining internal and external issues to protect its products from intentional fraud or deliberate sabotage.

The management of internal and external issues arising from all interested parties (e.g. customers, consumers, employees, public authorities, etc.)

The implementation of Good Hygiene and Industrial Practice Rules.

The provision of necessary resources aimed at its efficient and smooth operation.

The continuous improvement of its processes and ultimately its Systems.

The continuous improvement of the culture of the employees, regarding issues of quality and safety of the produced products.

Establishing indicators and corresponding measurable targets, as well as providing all the required resources to achieve them.

The Policy is applied at all levels of the company organization of INTROFEX S.A, is communicated to all employees and interested parties and is reviewed annually at least in terms of its appropriateness.

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