Gender Equality Policy


1.         One of the key values of “INTROFEX S.A.” is the provision of equal opportunities and non-discrimination on the grounds of age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, nationality, race, ethnic origin, religion, cultural background, sexual orientation or any other irrelevant or illegal characterization.

2.         In particular, as regards gender, gender equality is a universal, social, political and economic matter that affects all societies. Gender equality needs a society where all people, regardless of their gender, equally share goods, obligations and rights in all sectors and especially in sectors such as work.

3.         Gender equality and the encouragement of the provision of equal opportunities to everyone in the workplace are non-negotiable for the Company. The equal treatment of all employees and the provision of equal opportunities to all personnel, regardless of their gender are a non-negotiable value for the Company.

4.         The Company shall always take all necessary measures to ensure gender equality in any of its division, department or operation. In this direction it shall always supervise within the Company in order to identify any gender gaps which may be created or found, take all necessary measures for the appropriate and timely handling of any such situation, so as to avoid the creation of crisis which may affect the smooth operation and the progress of the Company. 

5.         The Company shall carry out regular training for managers and executives leading teams, so as to avoid discriminating behaviors or situations based on gender.

6.         The Company shall develop a supportive environment without stereotypes which accelerates the successful course of the employees, regardless of their gender. In this direction it shall encourage the enhancement of supportive culture and awareness against any kind of gender bias and ensure the continuing training of all employees so as they manage their teams properly in accordance with standards of justice and equal opportunities, regardless of gender.

7.         The employees and executives of the Company shall be placed in positions of responsibility regardless of their gender based on their personal qualities, skills and qualifications as well as their performance.

8.         The existence of discrimination or gender biases cannot have a negative impact on the development of employees and the progress of the Company. The Human Resources Department of the Company shall ensure the detection of any potential gender based discrimination also due to stereotyped prejudices in order to address timely any such phenomenon and prevent any future gender based discrimination.

9.         The Company shall ensure the addressing of any potential inequalities caused by gender based discrimination in the personnel’s performance assessments and encourage personnel to report cases where such discrimination is reasonably established.

10.       Taking into consideration the service needs, the Company shall ensure to find a balance between professional and personal life of all employees regardless of their gender, as this balance contributes to their psychological and physical health while it also has a significant effect on their work performance and therefore on the progress of the Company.

11.       The Company designates as competent person for the Equality Policy with annual term of office, a Food Quality and Safety Employee, who shall be responsible for the application, monitoring and assessment of the implementation of this policy. This competent person for the Equality Policy shall receive, investigate and assess the reports submitted by the employees concerning the violation of the Gender Equality Policy and shall recommend to the Management any measure that -at her direction- promotes equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of their gender. The competent person for the Equality Policy shall recommend, among other things, measures to strengthen gender equality by analyzing personnel’s status and shall assist the Committee for reports as regards the non-violence and non-harassment at work Policy for the appropriate handling of cases involving violence and harassment based on gender.

12.       At the end of his term of office, the competent person shall inform the Board of Directors about the submitted, investigated and resolved reports. 

13.       This policy is adopted by the Board of Directors of the Company and is notified to all personnel for their information.