Corporate Social Responsibility


For us, the relationship between business and society is two-way, that is why we have incorporated, through various actions, the corporate social responsibility into the strategic structure of the company.

Introfex in the context of corporate social responsibility supports a large number of organizations, donating its products to those in need. 

An example of our actions is the supply of cereals to two very important Greek NGO's: 

The Smile of the Child (www.hamogelo.gr)

Ark of the World  (www.kivotostoukosmou.org)

At the same time, during 2017, more than 70,000 portions of cereals were distributed for a nutritious breakfast to children supported by the Food Bank (www.traptrof.gr). Almost 7,000 children from all over Attica participated as final beneficiaries in the Food Bank's network. Our company is a supporter of children from families with serious social and economic problems.

Introfex and its staff supported people in a state of emergency, such as the flood victims of Mandra Attica and the Syrian refugees. Specifically, the company's employees offered clothes and the company donated a large number of its products.

In July 2018, when the tragic physical catastrophe occurred in Mati Attica, in cooperation with SKAI and its initiative "Oloi Mazi Boroume", we offered a large quantity of cereal bars to help in our own way the huge needs of our fellow citizens who had lost their homes to the deadly fire.

Recent food donations have been made to the charitable organizations that follow:

Introfex provides assistance in important social and environmental actions.
The company's objective is to actively stand on the side of those in need, supporting the action of institutions and organizations with charitable status.
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