Crunchy Oat Bio

We welcome our brand new Millhouse product! 

Crunchy Oat BIO, 

Granola with organic oats and pieces of organic dark chocolate.

- Product of organic farming

- Palm oil free

- Wholegrain

- Source of fibre

- With organic dark chocolate


The new product of our very successful Crunchy Oat series is also launched in a BIO version!

What does "organic farming" mean?

Organic farming appeared in Europe in the early 20th century. Organic foods are called those that are grown with natural processes that are applied with strict criteria throughout the production process.

Objectives of organic farming:

- Production of products and foods of high nutritional value, safe for the consumer without residues of pesticides, antibiotics and chemical fertilizers.

- The natural living of animals and ensuring their well-being.

- With care to the environment (protection of soil and aquifer, sustainable management of natural resources, ensuring biodiversity).

- Protection of farmers' health from exposure to harmful chemicals.

- No use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and / or products produced by them.

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